Strengthening your core business.

Prototype development and engineering

Some of our projects.

We had the chance to contribute our strengths in cooperation with our customers to develop a wide range of technical products and processes. On the basis of our agreements we are able to highlight some of them.

Parking system configuration and sensor analysis.

Scope of work: big data architecture, real time sensor analysis, low energy, client-server architecture.

High reliable data hiding in audio signals and real time extraction.

Scope of work: embedded DSP system, real time signal processing, rapid prototyping, watermarking.

High performance error pattern recognition in audio streams.

Scope of work: pattern recognition, advanced signal processing, rapid prototyping, high performance.

Solar panel control unit with accurate positioning and GPS clock.

Scope of work: IoT, gps, embedded system, rapid prototyping, real time sensor analysis, sustainability, low energy, solar tracking with magnetic field sensor.