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Welcome to Amid Systems

Amid Systems is a technology provider for the industry as well as for small businesses. More than 20 years experience in the digital industry - a keen attention to state of the art technologies - a great scientific arsenal prepared for advanced image and signal processing - computational geometry - big data analysis - web services - hardware-related, embedded and distributed systems - IoT and eMobilty - all those skills acquired are part of our continuous development.

We are committed to sustainability

Despite the fact that our customers expect and do get fast results, reusability and sustainability are the main focus of our developments. We proved that TDD (Test driven development) is essential for fast and reliable prototyping. So the core functionality is guaranteed and can be presented without any interruption or unpleasant surprises. On occasion we accompany our customers project from the prototype to market maturity. On such occasion the TDD pays off twice.

Rapid Prototyping

We have developed a certain affinity to rapid prototyping (operational prototyping approach is preferred). Drawing away resources for a new idea, a new product is a major decision to make. At the other hand a head count limit may also slow down initiatives.
Amid Systems supports such initiatives by sharing resources and know how. Amid Systems is not a consulting institution. Hands on in project planning and realization is our business. Save your "head count" until the very last review of the prototype or even longer. A clean and documented hand over is part of our service. IoT Sensor array, a web shop, a CRM system, a solar panel controller, a multi-channel home entertainment system, a custom home automation, Industry 4.0 automation … you name it …

Feel free to contact us. We may have a first come together discussing a rough idea on how we can be of service, free of charge, of course. We do validate the need of a NDA, a patent concept or anything else that has to be taken into account. The next steps are than to be discussed.

How Amid Systems works

We do work best in agile environments, preferably SCRUM or eXtreme programming. Build management and automation (like Maven or Gradle) and version control systems (like git or subversion) are standards to be used. The choice of platforms (hard- and software) is open. You may find some inspiration in the following incomplete enumeration:

  • C, C++, MFC, Java, EJB, JavaMe, JavaFx, C#, Windows Forms, XAML, SQL, PL/SQL, hadoop, postgre, mongodb, ...
  • JavaScript, bootstrap, ajax, jQuery, CSS, HTML5, PHP5, Apache, Tomcat, python, CGI, ...
  • Spring, Hibernate, groovy, Maven, Gradle, joomla, Magento, ...
  • Ubuntu, Arduino, Debian, Oracle Linux, Windows, Android, MacOSX, Shellscript, Linux, JTAG, bash, ...
  • ARM, DSP&SIMD, concurrent programming, energy preservation,...
  • Netbeans, Eclipse, VS 2015, JUnit, ...
  • Beaglebone, Arduino, RaspberryPi, ODRIOD, etc.
  • PLC (dt. SPS), IEC 61158, CAN-Bus, CANopen, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, POWERLINK, ...
  •, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave, 6LoWPAN, Thread, Cellular, NFC, ...
  • HDLC (High level Data Link Control), SML (Smart Message Language), PowerGrid, PLC (Power-Line Communication), ...
  • a.s.o.


We did a project in the SMT industry years ago. One day we received a ticket from a customer, an Israeli company, saying: “There is no money slot on your machine!” As we were working on a redesign of the software the help-desk thought we could have a look at the old code lines. The original development team left the company years ago. It is not hard to find the word “money” in a C code. But what we found was more like a time bomb. Plenty of dummy error messages from the very first commit of the project twelve years ago. It was a simple translation routine translating a code number to a text message. As the number of error numbers increased over the years, the knowledge of the translation routine itself vanished.
On some configuration these messages came up:

  • 201: “No coffee in the house.”
  • 202: “You should not do that, Dave”
  • 204: “Self destruction sequence started”
  • 208: “You did not pay may check yet, Selmar” … a message from a freelancer to his cheff
  • 209: “Shoot yourself”
  • 212: “Time is up, put some more coins in”
  • 213: “Noch kein Tost, noch kein Ein und kein Kaffee mit dabei!”
  • 317: “Dummsack”
  • 488: “Oooops, what tha hell”
  • 378: “I am from Melmak, give me a kiddy”

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